San Domenico Stringed Instruments
connoisseurs and dealers of Violins,Violas,'Cellos, and their Bows

Restoration and Repair

With a quarter of a century's experience behind them, Howard Morgan and San Domenico are able to offer you a comprehensive repair service for both instruments and their bows. We are able to undertake major restoration work as well as the more normal adjustment and set-up jobs. An express bow re-hairing service is available and all work is undertaken in our own workshops. We have a rare stock of old wood which are actual "off-cuts" from makers in the 19th century.  This wood once belonged to an old Parisian workshop. Should you bring us an old French instrument, we may have the actual wood from which it was constructed.




When your instrument needs repair or adjustment you will feel that  you are returning it to someone who knows it's history and uniqueness to you.  The best dealers understand that they and their customers are merely custodians of the finest products of the instruments makers art and they feel a responsibility to it's history and prosperity.

When you take possession of your newly acquired instrument, we want you to understand that no matter how long you own it, we'll still feel responsible for it. In some respects, we'll always think of it as one of our instruments.  If you're ever unhappy with it, or of you ever decide you'd like to exchange it for something finer, we hope you'll bring it back to us.