San Domenico Stringed Instruments
connoisseurs and dealers of Violins,Violas,'Cellos, and their Bows

What to expect

Learning enough about stringed instruments to evaluate them with confidence, acquiring the expertise to make a valid assessment of their playing qualities, their aesthetic excellence, and importantly, their investment value is a life study. Unless you can afford to take a significant risks, when you purchase an instrument it is wise to use the experience of an established dealer who possesses knowledge and integrity.

San Domenico are  specialists on the authenticity of old instruments.  The identifying of such instruments is perhaps the most challenging aspect of their work.

Establishing a foundation for expertise is a life long endeavour that requires handling quality instruments on a regular basis for many years.  In the world today only a few dedicated individuals acquire the broad based experience this expertise demands.

At San Domenico we constantly strive to examine instruments form all schools of making and as a result we continue to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the unique charactristics of makers from different regions, and indeed, of the individual luthiers.

Ideally, when you select a dealer to represent your interests you enter into a relationship that will become increasingly valuable as the years go by.   A reputable establishment will have a continuing interest in your instrument and your visits, telephone calls and letters will always be appreciated.